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A Kind of America

Szöveg: Gábor Kálmánfi |  2015. április 16. 9:00

NATO’s large-scale Exercise Saber Junction 2015 is being conducted full-on in Hohenfels, Germany, with the participation of more than 5,000 troops from 17 NATO member countries. On our arrival, we found ourselves right in the midst of the action when a convoy of the US Falcon Team came under a simulated attack.

Logistic supply is essential in war, and the same is true of the force protection capability of convoys. In this scenario, the movement of Falcon convoy from A to B was quite difficult, considering that the well-trained opposing force (OPFOR) first laid a minefield on the route of the vehicles, and then, on seeing that it proved to be ineffective, set up a roadblock at a strategic point and raided the convoy “by the book", inflicting heavy losses on our allies.


“Train to Win!" – Sgt. Tameka Davis answered our question by quoting the motto of the Hohenfels-headquartered Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC). In his opinion, it is international cooperation that makes Exercise Saber Junction 2015 so important to every participant.

Considering that the OPFOR seized two Humvees of the convoy, not to mention the soldiers who were wounded in action during the firefight, there is still room for improvement through practice…

Photos by the author