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The Ludovika

Szöveg: Siposné Dr. Kecskeméthy Klára-Kalavszky Györgyi |  2013. március 1. 14:26

“Always act in the spirit of comradeship, be humane, respect your soldiers, your future subordinates, and treat them decently… Do not incite hatred against any of the neighbouring nations, because we have been living here, in the Carpathian Basin for a thousand years, and our descendants will still live here for many thousands of years… Adopt our ideas, be our followers, and we promise that we will always support you in your work, if the homeland and your commanders so require!” Col. (Ret.) László Szende, one-time Ludovika AcademicIn the course of time, the expression “ludovikás” has been associated in the Hungarian common knowledge with the notions of manly bearing, patriotism and self-sacrificing bravery. Who were these brave, disciplined, learned and cultured, highly qualified soldiers, and who are their late followers? The book is about them, the one-time and the present-day Ludovika students.

Year of publish: 2011
Language: Hungarian
Number of pages: 228 with more than 250 colour pictures
Size: 210×297 mm
Binding: sewn, hardcover
ISBN: ISBN 978 963 327 528 3
Price: 25 USD + delivery fee
Stock: You can buy the book directly from the publisher: Postal address: 1087 Hungary, Budapest, Kerepesi út 29/b, Fax: 06-1-459-5382, Points of contact: Edina Győr: +36-30-578-1048,; Cynthia Bartha: +36-30-633-0619,