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Anikó Farkas


We Have Common Security and Airspace

2013. január 23. 17:00

Within an alliance, it is natural that we can count on one another and that we share our capabilities with each other, since our security is also shared and indivisible”, Csaba Hende said on several occasions during his three-day visit to the Baltic States, which he paid at the invitation of the defence ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Reporting from the spot.


At the Foot of the Hesco Bastions

2012. december 26. 6:00

While paying a call on Col. Janullah Safi, battalion commander, the rules of behavior do not cause problems any more – we take the food being offered to us only with our left hand, and drink tea only on the handle side or the opposite side of the cup. ‘”The relationship between the Afghan and ISAF troops during training and operations is very good”, the colonel tells us…(Report from Afghanistan).


If They Have Won It, Let Them Take It

2012. október 15. 15:43

“If they have won it, let them take it!” – the trainers of the Special Forces Battalion used this slogan several times at the four-day training that started on October 8. The participants of the training are the winners of a game announced by the Ministry of Defence and the National Geographic TV channel. Apart from the eight lucky ones, one staff member from the MoD Press Office and another from the National Geographic as well as two journalists are also taking part in the experience-win. We are reporting from the spot.