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Gábor Kálmánfi - Boldizsár Eszes


From Pápa to the World

2012. január 27. 9:37

“Anything to anywhere, anytime” – this is the slogan of the Teve (“Camel”) Squadron. The aircrews of the Kecskemét unit of the Hungarian Defence Forces fly An-26s, but as some of today’s theatres of war are thousands of kilometers away from Hungary, and the amount of cargo has multiplied, the capacity of the An-26 transport planes does not always prove to be sufficient. This problem has been solved with the activation of the Heavy Airlift Wing, a fleet of C-17s operated by a multinational team at the HDF Pápa Air Base – as these giant cargo aircraft can really transport anything to anywhere, anytime. We interviewed Col. Keith P. Boone, the commander of the Heavy Airlift Wing about the tasks, challenges and prospects of this multinational cooperation.