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HDF Mi-17 AAT-8


The Eighth Rotation of the Hungarian Defence Forces Mi-17 Air Advisory Team arrived in Shindand

2014. február 9. 11:30

The Hungarian Defence Forces Mi-17 Air Advisory Team (HDF Mi-17 AAT-8) arrived on January 22 at the Shindand Air Base, in Afghanistan. The Contingent’s main scope of activity will be the mentoring of the flight and engineering personnel of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) in aviation and flight engineering. The days following the arrival of the Contingent were spent with learning the rules of the Shindand Air Base, and acquiring the knowledge necessary for the mentoring tasks. The personnel of the earlier rotation gave a detailed briefing about the procedural orders of the instruction, required by the US lead-nation from the Hungarian mentors concerning the training of the Afghan helicopter pilots, flight technicians, and aerial marksmen.