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Joint Combined Exchange Training 2012

Szöveg: Béla Szabó |  2012. július 23. 9:15

On July 18–19, 2012, Hungarian and US Special Forces soldiers executed parachute jumps jointly from a US MC-130 transport aircraft at the HDF 59th “Szentgyörgyi Dezső” Air Base.

The two-day parachute training is an element of the Joint Combined Exchange Training 2012 (JCET 2012) exercise, Col. Tamás Sándor, the commander of the HDF 34th “Bercsényi László" Special Forces Battalion told us.

JCET programs are conducted in Hungary several times each year to provide the Bercsényi Battalion and the 1st Battalion of the US 10th Special Forces Group with opportunity to conduct joint training for executing the tasks in the areas of operations (mission essential task list). These training programs are aimed at teaching different tactics/warfighting skills and synchronizing the staff activities. Additionally, the trainers lay great emphasis on practicing how to insert airborne troops of the Special Forces Operational Detachment Alphas (SF ODAs) in the theatre of operations.

Besides the two-day joint parachute jumps in Kecskemét, the Hungarian and US SF ODAs practiced the reception of aerial resupply in Szolnok, i.e. the techniques for receiving supplies airdropped with cargo parachutes from US MC-130 and Hungarian An-26 transport planes.


 Photo: Tünde Rácz

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