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Professional Performance and Appreciation in Afghanistan

Szöveg: AMT-7 |  2012. november 7. 8:56

The summer of 2012 presented the seventh rotation of the Hungarian Defence Forces Mi-35 Air Mentor Team with another task. The quality assurance experts of the US Department of Defense ordered the execution of a specially prompt periodical inspection on some Mi–17V1 and Mi-17V5 transport helicopters and Mi-35 attack helicopters of the Afghan Air Force. Reporting from the spot.

The mentor team comprising Hungarian and Czech aviation technicians and their commanders decided that, in addition to mentoring the Afghan colleagues, they would find time to carry out independently the working points of the assigned periodical inspection on the grounded helicopters. The former AMT rotations had collected all the available field manuals in electronic format, which was a great help to the Hungarian engineer team, which was led by Maj. K. and made up of the soldiers from the AVUM squadrons of the aviation technical battalion of the HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base.


While the Hungarian pilots were mentoring the Afghan helicopter pilots, the aviation technicians kept working at a stepped-up pace with continuous coordination in the hangar to meet the new challenge. After the 8-10 hours of daily work in the hangar, they participated in professional discussions and read up on the technical special literature late into the night with untiring perseverance. The entire personnel of the Air Mentor Team-7 tirelessly devoted even its free time to carry out the work to full extent. Thanks to the self-sacrificing work done by the AVUM crews, the Afghan helicopters were declared airworthy for the operational flights several months before the deadline.

With their excellent professionalism exhibited in completing the additional tasks, the Hungarian mentors enabled the grounded helicopters to return as soon as possible to flying operational missions in accordance with their core purpose. All in all, it can be stated that although its task system significantly differed from the work done by the earlier rotations, the seventh rotation of the HDF Mi-35 Air Mentor Team has performed its core duties and met the unexpected challenges to full extent, thereby earning esteem from the Afghan and other allied mentor teams as well as further enhancing the good reputation built up by the helicopter pilots and AVUM crews of earlier rotations.