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A Peaceful Period May Begin…

Szöveg: HDF PRT-13 Public Affairs NCO |  2013. február 22. 8:02

At the request of the provincial police chief, a new project has recently been implemented in the area of Pol-e Khomri’s future governmental district.


The Hungarian Provincial Reconstruction Team (HUN PRT) has set up a closed police
checkpoint in an area of 40×42 meters located on the edge of several thousand pieces of land
that are sold as private house and office estates. Four towers were created at the four corners
of the two-storey HESCO wall, and three containerized housing units with air conditioning
have been added to it for the sake of the guards’ comfort. Speaking at the handover ceremony,
a high-ranking representative of the police praised the outstanding job that the PRT has done
so far.

In his speech, he referred to the ten thousand promotional pens which have been lately
distributed. These pens bear the PRT logo and the provincial emergency phone number.
Dialing this number will greatly help ensuring full safety of the population as well as more
effective and quicker crime prevention.

On the occasion of the approaching NOWRUZ – the Persian New Year, the first day of spring
and the first day in the Iranian calendar, which is celebrated on March 21 – acting at the
textile factory director’s request, soldiers and civilians jointly planted a number of saplings.
In addition to the two hundred saplings (mostly of fruit-trees and pines) purchased by the
Hungarian Provincial Reconstruction Team, the entrepreneurs and respectable persons of the
province also donated saplings. Thus the planting of around 1,000 saplings resulted in a close-
to one-kilometer stretch of land being converted into a park.

Tree-planting is a very important event in Afghanistan, since it marks the beginning of a new
year, a new life. We hope that all citizens of Afghanistan will be able to live a truly peaceful