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“Big Rotation” in Afghanistan

Szöveg: HUN NSE-A |  2015. november 23. 11:25

On 17 November in the late evening hours, the third rotation of the HDF Force Protection Platoon arrived in Camp Marmal, Afghanistan, together with the 12th one of the HDF National Support Element, the eighth one of the HDF Special Operations Contingent and the current rotation of soldiers serving in individual positions.


After the arrival and a welcome speech, the senior national representative and the commander of the HUN NSE-11 briefed the troops about the tasks planned for the next days.

The newcomers have a complex task system from the beginning. Concurrent with the handover-takeover of material stocks and technical assets, the in-theatre training is going on in accordance with the program schedule and regulations of the Resolute Support Mission (RSM) Train Advise Assist Command – North (TAAC-N). The training includes familiarization with camp procedures and regulations as well as rules related to traffic and movement.


The soldiers are to participate in theoretical and practical lessons to make sure that they can effectively use the skills and knowledge that may be life-saving in a given situation. The personnel need to attend several training sessions in order to acquire the skills required for fulfilling their scope of duties in the area of operations, which help them in executing their tasks over the next six months.

Photo: HUN NSE-A