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Chairman of the EU Military Committee Visits Sarajevo

Szöveg: Lt.-Col. Tibor Mayer |  2016. március 13. 6:07

The Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (CEUMC), General Mikhail Kostarakos recently visited the Headquarters of the European Union Force (EUFOR) in Sarajevo. During his official visit – besides Austrian and Slovenian military representatives – the high-ranking general was also accompanied by Maj.-Gen. László Domján, Hungary’s military representative to NATO and EU, the Head of the Office of the Military Representative of the Hungarian Defence Forces.


On the first day of the program, the delegation went to the Ministry of Defence, where it held discussions with Minister of Defence Marina Pendes, Lt.-Gen. Anto Jelec, Chief of the Joint Staff of the armed forces of Bosnia–Herzegovina (AFBiH), and Sifet Podzic, the chairman of the Joint Committee on Defence and Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the discussions, the delegation was offered a glimpse of the functioning of the Ministry and the most important current tasks.


The Chief of Defence of the AFBiH thanked the EUFOR Operation ALTHEA and all troop contributing nations, including Hungary, for the support they provide for the armed forces. The chairman of the Joint Committee on Defence and Security informed the guests about the current tasks of the committee, among them the registering of military equipment, and the present state of the defence review under way and the document entitled “The Security Policy of Bosnia–Herzegovina". He also talked about the tasks related to the final disposal of surplus and obsolete munitions and explosives, and the security risks to the population.


On the second day of the program, Maj.-Gen. Johann Luif, the commander of Operation ALTHEA reported on the security situation and the operational challenges.

The participants of the two-day meetings all agreed that the EUFOR Operation ALTHEA has an important role in the stabilization process in Bosnia–Herzegovina and in strengthening a safe and secure environment. To achieve this goal, the main emphasis is placed on supporting the AFBiH capacity development and training process. During the discussions, the professional performance of Hungarian troops was recognized on all occasions.


As part of the busy program schedule, the delegation attended a medal parade held for soldiers completing their six-month tour of duty in the mission. At the ceremony, three Hungarian soldiers received the ALTHEA medals, together with another nine servicemen of other troop contributing nations. Saying words of praise, Maj.-Gen. László Domján personally pinned the medals onto the uniforms of some of the personnel lined up for the ceremony.


The visit provided Maj.-Gen. László Domján with opportunities to meet the members of the Hungarian EUFOR contingent at a staff meeting, and to hold a discussion with EUFOR Chief of Staff Brig.-Gen. Zoltán Mihócza.