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Is Administration the Key to Stabilization?

Szöveg: A.K. |  2013. május 5. 6:02

After a recently completed rotation which has involved Hungarian soldiers serving there, the EUSEC RD advisory mission in Congo continues strategic work. As part of this work, Col. Panzu, the chief of staff of the military district held an operational update briefing for Col. Attila Král, office head in the 10th Military District South Kivu Province, Bukavu Command.


In what followed, Maj. Béla Lökösházi, a member of the Hungarian advisory team gave a
presentation about the troop movements, the redeployment of personnel and the tracking of
their movement, the harmonization of the table of organization and equipment (TOE) and the
payment of salaries.

The success of this administrative task is crucial to the stabilization of the military district
and the other provinces because the troops on operations often receive their monthly pay –
around USD 80 in the local currency – several months later or none at all. For this reason, the
soldiers are unable to make a living for themselves or their next of kin, and their needs are not
satisfied legitimately.

The staff officers of the 10th Military District have understood the importance of this task, and
are working hard to make sure that everybody receives their salary in time.


Photos by the author