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Lt.-Gen. Orosz’ Visit to Afghanistan

Szöveg: |  2011. október 27. 9:23

Lt.-Gen. Zoltán Orosz, the Deputy Chief of the MoD Defence Staff paid a professional visit to Afghanistan between October 12 and 18. The visit was aimed at providing the leadership of the Hungarian Defence Forces with a precise update on the Hungarian troops’ current situation, their training, living conditions, everyday life and the tasks of the contingents. Gen. Orosz briefed the personnel of the Hungarian contingents serving with ISAF about the present state of the streamlining process.

Brig.-Gen. László Szabó, the Chief of Staff of ISAF Regional Command-North (ISAF RC-N) – Hungary’s Senior National Representative – and Col. (Eng.) István Balassa, the commander of the HDF ISAF National Support Element-3 (ISAF HUN NSE-3) received the Deputy Chief of Defence in Mazar-e Sharif. Brig.-Gen. László Szabó informed him about the current situation of the area of operations (AO) in Afghanistan, the ongoing military operations, the security situation and the tasks of the Hungarian contingents. Lt.-Gen. Zoltán Orosz met the Hungarian troops serving there at a staff meeting and answered their questions.

Afterwards the lieutenant-general traveled to Shindand, the Mi-17 Air Advisory Team, then proceeded to Kabul, where he met the personnel of the CSS School Logistic Mentor Team, the Mi-35 Air Mentor Team and the Special Operations Task Group (SOTG, Wardak) and the Hungarian soldiers serving in individual positions. He also met the commanders of other nations with Hungarian troops serving under their command, and the leaders of the Afghan troops being mentored.

In Pol-e-Khomri, at the base of the HDF Provincial Reconstruction Team (HUN PRT) the Hungarian Deputy Chief of Staff was received by Col. Dr. Romulusz Ruszin. The HUN PRT Commander briefed the lieutenant-general on the task scheme of the contingent, the status of the planned projects and the work done so far. He also informed him about the current security situation in the province. During the rest of the day the Hungarian delegation accompanied the PRT staff on a visit to Munshi Abdul Majeed, the governor of Baghlan Province to discuss with him the PRT projects and the directions for further development and joint work. At the evening staff meeting Lt.-Gen. Zoltán Orosz met the troops and after receiving a report, answered their questions as well.

The next day Lt.-Gen. Orosz met the personnel of the US–Hungarian Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (OMLT) deployed at Khilagay Forward Operating Base (FOB) and the commanders of the mentored Afghan battalion. His program also included a visit to the ROLE-3 hospital in Mazar-e Sharif, where Hungarian doctors and nurses are working. Before returning to Hungary, the delegation paid tribute at the Heroes’ Wall in the camp and lit some candles to commemorate the fallen Hungarian troops.


 Text and photo: HUN NSE, HUN PRT