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Montenegrin Delegation at the Brigade

Szöveg: Andrea Tóth |  2012. október 16. 10:03

A military delegation of three recently visited the Kossuth barracks of the HDF 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade. The guests arrived in Hungary under the terms of the European Confidence and Security Building Measures to pay an evaluation visit.


In the first part of the day Brig.-Gen. Dr. Gábor Böröndi, the commander of the HDF 5th
Bocskai István Infantry Brigade introduced the guests to the organizational structure and
workings of the unit. After the presentation, the guests were shown round the buildings and
accommodation areas of the subunits, then paid a visit to the unit museum.

In the afternoon the members of the delegation were received at the Vay Ádám Training
Base of Hajdúhadház, where they were given a detailed briefing on the base and the ongoing
training. Finally they saw the military equipment pool, the range and the technical servicing
station of the training base.