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Vigil and Prayer in front of the Holy Crown

Szöveg: Béla Révész |  2018. augusztus 16. 7:14

According to the tradition, King Stephen I offered the Holy Crown and Hungary on Assumption Day to Virgin Mary, the Lady of Hungary. The Honvéd Crown Guard commemorated with vigil and prayer in the Dome Hall of the Parliament on Wednesday, 15th August.

“Celestial Queen, illustrious re-creator of this World, in my final prayer I trust you with the protection of the Holy Church with its bishops, priests, the country with its folks and squires; and saying a last farewell to them, into your hands, I commend my spirit" – on his deathbed Saint Stephen offered his country with these words to the benevolence of Virgin Mary according to the legends. On Assumption Day the members of the HDF Vitéz Szurmay Sándor Budapest HDF vitéz Szurmay Sándor Budapest Garrison Brigade 32nd National Honvéd Parade Unit Honvéd Crown Guard commemorated with a vigil and common devotion on the anniversary in front of the Holy Crown, entrusted to their safekeeping in the Dome Hall of the Parliament. The event was the festive part of the jubilee program series, which were held in honour of the returning of the symbol of Hungarian Statehood 40 years ago, in 1978 by the United States of America to our Motherland.

“This day differs from the ceremony last year that now with the help of the quotations of the New Testament we meditate on the twenty-four moral rules of life, which are decisive in the life of men and soldiers in the Dome Hall amongst the columns," – Colonel Barnabás Ádám, the Commander of the Honvéd Crown Guard said.

The ceremony staged on the Day of Our Lady’ Assumption into Heaven was closed with the joint prayer of the members of the Honvéd Crown Guard in front of the Holy Crown. The soldiers said thanksgivings for the past year and requested for the blessings on the subsequent period.

Photos by Tünde Rácz