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Capt. László Juhász


American Attaché Visits Szentes

2013. július 6. 7:00

Together with his deputy, the defence attaché of the United States of America accredited to Hungary recently paid a visit to the HDF 37th “Ferenc Rákóczi II” Engineer Regiment of Szentes. In the Szentes barracks, Lt.-Col. (Eng.) István Varga, the deputy regimental commander welcomed Col. Mark Karas, the newly appointed US defence attaché and his deputy, Lt.-Col. Bradley Hocevar.


Hungarian Military Engineers on Flood Control Exercise in Serbia

2012. június 21. 13:45

The Hungarian–Romanian–Serbian Multinational Engineer Battalion conducted its annual disaster relief exercise TISA-2012 at the home base and riverside training area of the 1st Pontoon Battalion along the bank of River Sava, in the Serbian town of Sabać between June 11 and 15, 2012.


Next Rotation of EUFOR HUNCON Trains in Szentes

2012. április 16. 8:40

The pre-deployment training for the 11th rotation of the HDF EUFOR contingent to deploy in the area of operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina is in “full swing” at the HDF 37th Ferenc Rákóczi II Engineer Regiment in Szentes. The soldiers of the unit are preparing for peacekeeping tasks in Szentes, together with the personnel of the HDF 12th Arrabona SAM Regiment of Győr.


On-Site Training

2012. március 9. 10:26

Col. (Eng.) József Nyers, – the commander of the HDF 37th ‘Ferenc Rákóczi II’ Engineer Regiment and the incoming commander of the fifth rotation of the HDF National Support Element – Afghanistan (HUN NSE) recently participated in an on-site mission-specific training in Afghanistan, together with Lt.-Col. (Eng.) Róbert Zsiborás, the chief of the support section and the logistic chief of the HDF 64th ‘Boconádi Szabó József’ Logistic Regiment and Maj. Csaba Mellák, the point-of-contact officer of the HDF Joint Force Command Operations Command Directorate.