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György M. Tóth


Ministerial Keynote Speech on a New Organization for the Military National Security Services

2011. november 14. 8:41

On November 8 the Hungarian Parliament opened a general debate on the proposed amendment to the Act on establishing a new organization for the military national security services. In his keynote speech Defence Minister Dr. Csaba Hende said “During the last 20 years, time after time the opportunity emerged to integrate the two military secret services, the Military Security Office and the Military Intelligence Office. Now we have the will and opportunity to implement the integration.”


The Celebration of the Crown Guards

2011. szeptember 29. 16:48

The ten „living legends” of the Hungarian Royal Crown Guards founded the Association of Hungarian Crown Guards (AHCG) in September 1991. In the Buda Castle, inside the Banquet Hall of the National Széchényi Library, on Saturday, September 24 this year, a dignified ceremony was held to commemorate the guards of the coronation regalia and the Holy Right Hand, the past 20 years of the Association and the day when once again soldiers took over the guard duties of the symbols of Hungarian statehood and independence.


With Loyalty to the Nation

2011. szeptember 26. 11:24

Another swearing-in ceremony for Crown Guards took place on September 20 in the cupola hall of the Parliament building. In the presence of László Kövér, the Speaker of the Parliament and the member of the Holy Crown Committee, Defence Minister Dr. Csaba Hende and Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő, the Chief of the MoD Defence Staff, the crown guards took their oath of allegiance, pledging that “I shall be guarding the Holy Crown with utmost loyalty…and I will never let it fall into unauthorized hands, even if I have to sacrifice my life for it”.


Regulating National Defence – Stability and Change

2011. június 21. 9:28

As a member of the group of experts in charge of preparing the first Act on National Defence in the years following the 1989 regime change, at the June 14 meeting of the Defence and Law Enforcement Committee of the Parliament the Defence Minister referred several times to the legislation that took place 18 years ago. We interviewed Dr. Csaba Hende about this and related issues.


Indian Generals Visit Hungary

2011. május 31. 16:23

On Thursday, May 26, fifteen guests from the general staff course at the National Defence Academy of the Republic of India – including high-ranking generals, civilian officeholders and a delegation of foreign students – paid a visit to the Defence and Law Enforcement Committee of the National Assembly. Fidesz–Hungarian Civic Union MP Zsolt Csampa, the deputy chairman of the committee received the delegation from the South Asian country.


He, the Holy Crown

2011. április 4. 8:03

‘He’. This is the ‘name’ candidate crown guards use to refer to the Holy Crown among themselves. The third person singular form expresses the greatest respect, which is due from the guardians who are going to assume their noble duty as of April 25. As a sign of respect, members of the first four detachments of candidate crown guards are preparing for their service on a demanding training program – as shown in our photos as well – and they are eager to learn indeed. On March 31, we paid a visit to the Petőfi barracks in Budapest to see how they progress with their ongoing training for honor guard and security duties “in the presence of the crown”.


High-Tech Standards, Millions Of Dollars, Rockets

2008. december 7. 15:09

With a 20 million dollar Hungarian-American investment, a Central European logistics centre has been established where even Maverick air-earth rockets of the Gripen fighters of the Hungarian Air Force can be tested.