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Attack Helicopter Mentors to Stay On in Afghanistan

2012. április 30. 6:00

With the governmental decree No. 1126/2012 (25/04), the government of Hungary extended the mandate of the HDF Mi-35 Air Mentor Team (AMT), which now runs until 1 September 2012. The HDF AMT is tasked with training the Afghan Air Force in Afghanistan.


Combat Camera on Exercise and Training

2012. április 27. 13:00

What is to be done if a vehicle convoy runs into an ambush in the faraway Afghanistan? Whence do the attack helicopters and aircraft are called in to launch an air strike? The viewers of the latest edition of the magazine Crosshair will find the answers to these and other questions.


Then and Now

2012. április 20. 9:41

On April 12 and 13 the soldiers and heroes, the Hungarian troops of World War II were commemorated at ceremonies held in Szombathely and Voronezh Oblast, Russia. The magazine „Crosshair” by the Military Film Studio covers these events as well as Exercise Lion Effort 2012 in Sweden. After the modern combat aircraft our viewers can see the pictures of the ancestors in the Szolnok Aviation Museum.


Easter Greetings in Sarajevo

2012. április 17. 12:31

Like in every mission, Easter was celebrated by the HDF EUFOR Contingent in Bosnia-Herzegovina too. Below is an account from the peacekeepers serving in the Balkans.


Tradition and Renewal in Crosshair

2012. április 12. 15:31

The latest edition of the magazine „Crosshair” deals with soldiers, heroes, tradition and renewal. While the military traditionalists were re-enacting the victorious battles of 1849, there was a flying display going on in Kecskemét. Our viewers can see how the warship crews have been certified and swept the River Danube for mines, and they can also see how well the T-72 tank performs…


Afghan unit carries out night operation

2012. április 11. 13:49

Around midnight, Afghan soldiers pour out of two Chinook helicopters. They walk single file in the pitch-dark of the barren mountain tops. The silence of the valley is broken only occasionally by barking dogs.


From Medicine to BTRs and TNT

2012. április 6. 13:38

The NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine in Budapest had an eventful week. The soldiers of Debrecen participated in a tactical methodological training in Hajdúhadház, while the Hódmezővásárhely troops practiced the demolition of structural elements at Sándorfalva. This week we offer these topics to the visitors of our homepage in our magazine “Crosshair”.


Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Department of State Visits Hungary

2012. április 4. 10:25

Péter Siklósi, Deputy State Secretary for Defence Policy and Planning, Ministry of Defence of Hungary received Marie L. Yovanovitch, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Department of State, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs in the Ministry of Defence in the afternoon of Thursday, March 29. Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis, the US Ambassador to Budapest was also present at the meeting.


Hungarian Gripens on Arctic LFX

2012. március 28. 10:02

The designated personnel of the HDF 59th ‘Szentgyörgyi Dezső’ Air Base recently participated in the Live Fire Exercise ‘Air Superiority 2012’ in Sweden, which they conducted above the test range of Vidsel, a town situated some 100 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle.


Exercise and Ceremonies – Crosshair

2012. március 26. 14:35

The viewers of this week’s magazine produced by the Military Film Studio can watch the ‘101-hour exercise’, the live fire tactical training for the artillery and ATGM crews of Tata. They can also see the celebration of paratroops and SF personnel. We have also covered the “Welcome Home” ceremony of the Hungarian soldiers on their return home from Afghanistan.