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Mission Awareness Conference

2012. június 22. 14:36

The ISAF HQ recently organized a mission awareness conference in Kabul on Afghanistan’s future.


Defence Ministers of Central European Region Hold Two-Day Meeting in Austria

2012. június 21. 16:43

The defence ministers of countries of Central Europe held a two-day meeting in Frauenkirchen, Austria. Defence Minister Csaba Hende represented Hungary at the meeting.


From the Contents of the Magazine

2012. június 8. 16:28

The viewers of our latest edition can have an insight into the professional performance of our troops serving abroad. Our colleagues have brought us reports from Afghanistan, Kosovo and Northern Italy. You can learn about the job of the Air Mentor Team, the service of the Hungarian KFOR contingent and the tasks of the Hungarian soldiers on Exercise “European Wind 2012”. Last but not least, you can watch the footages our divers shot underwater of a warship that sank some 100 years ago in Cattaro Bay.


Dreams That Have Come True

2012. június 2. 11:20

Those who build schools build education, and those who build education build the future – Lt.-Col. János Somogyi, the commander of the HDF Provincial Reconstruction Team (HUN PRT-12) emphasized at the inauguration ceremony of 16 classrooms, a drinking fountain and a football pitch – the result of a school expansion project in Afghanistan.


From the Contents of the Magazine

2012. május 31. 15:51

The viewers of our magazine will certainly meet fire and water, since they can watch military firefighters and divers. They may also witness the pre-deployment training of the next rotation of the HDF EUFOR contingent. In addition, our reports cover the farewell ceremony for Hungarian troops deploying with the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.


From the Contents of the Magazine

2012. május 25. 14:41

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made some important announcements at NATO’s 25th Summit in Chicago on May 21. We celebrated the Day of the Hungarian Defence Forces. Ludovika Festival – For the third time. Those who applied for the combat infantry course will not give up easily. The barracks of Szentendre have been named after Görgey again. A MiG-29 fighter was transported to Szolnok by public road.


From the Contents of the Magazine

2012. május 16. 16:16

What is the mission of the Air Mentor Team in Afghanistan? Dogs have been faithful companions to humans for millennia – by contrast, robots are the developments of our age. How do the EOD technicians use them? What are the benefits of the KatonaSuli (military school) program to the youth? You can find the answers if you watch the magazine of the armed forces.


Strength, Mirth – Respect and Tribute

2012. május 10. 10:02

Cycle tour around Lake Balaton, joyous melodies on the Day of Military Music. Silent tribute to our grandfathers and great grandfathers at their final resting place, by the military memorial sites of the Isonzo region. Strength and mirth – respect and tribute are combined in the latest edition of the magazine “Crosshair”. As the spring slogan of the defence portfolio and the Hungarian Defence Forces goes: “Soldiers. Heroes. – Tradition and Renewal”…


Appearances Are Sometimes Deceptive

2012. május 4. 15:51

That is true indeed. The reason why the warship crews are shooting on land is not that they don’t have ships. And the reason why soldiers are pushing the aircraft on the tarmac of the citadel of the Hungarian Air Force is not that it does not want to start. Our viewers can find other footages in the May 1 edition of the magazine Crosshair that do not need explanation. We wish you a pleasant surfing and video watching on the Net!


Italian Senior Enlisted Leader at the Helicopter Base

2012. május 2. 16:18

Chief master sergeant Diego Cagnazzo, senior enlisted leader of the Italian Armed Forces, has paid an official visit to the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base. He was accompanied by CSM Istvan Kriston, and CSM Laszlo Toth, command sergeant majors of the HDF and HDF JFC, respectively. The visitors were welcomed by lieutenant colonel Laszlo Nagy, Deputy Chief of Base Staff.