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Bearing Testimony to the Past – Building the Future

Szöveg: Kiss Dezső |  2010. november 27. 9:16

‘The slogan ‘Our blood and life’ is a true expression of the basis of our cooperation and the intellectual starting-point of our activity in the field of safeguarding and representation of interests’, MoD Chief of Staff Dr. Gábor Szarka said at a ceremony held on November 25. To mark the 20th anniversary of its re-organization, the Defence Minister handed over a flag to the National Association of War Invalids, War Widows and War Orphans at the same event.

The National Association of War Invalids, War Widows and War Orphans was reorganized 20 years ago. In recognition of the conscientious work done by the membership of the Association, the Defence Minister presented a flag to the organization.

MoD Chief of Staff Dr. Gábor Szarka handed over the flag at a ceremony on November 25 in the assembly hall of the

Miklós Zrínyi National Defence University. In his opening speech Col. (Ret.) József Ipacs, the President of the Association said that the National Association of War Invalids, War Widows and War Orphans had been reorganized in 1990. The volunteers of the then 100-member organization have been working towards their goals, so these days all the people concerned can represent their interests within the Association in a uniform way and achieve their aims.

The President of the Association stressed that November 19 is the National Day of War Invalids, War Widows and War Orphans (NDWI). Col. Ipacs pointed out that this day is not about the peace treaty that ended World War I, but rather about the anniversary of Lajos Kossuth’s signing his petition for celebrating the NDWI.

Following the presentation ceremony, together with the representatives of the HDF and Society Friendly Association and the Kossuth Society Dr. Máriusné Padányi, the patron of the flag and widow of the reorganized Association’s first president tied a streamer on the flag.

In his ceremonial speech MoD Chief of Staff Dr. Gábor Szarka expressed his thanks to the volunteers of the Association for their sustained efforts, and asked them to pay attention, beyond preserving the heritage of past heroes, to the relatives of those who nowadays make the supreme sacrifice. ‘Their conscientious maintenance of the traditions and the values of the past, their tribute to the heroes and protection of our military heritage are noteworthy and wonderful examples of how to preserve values and bring about constant renewal’, the Chief of Staff pointed out.

After the consecration of the flag the ceremony finished with the Szózat (second national anthem) and the musical program of the Honvéd Ensemble.