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New Role in Kabul

Szöveg: 1Lt. Tamás Solti |  2012. augusztus 28. 10:21

The soldiers of the Hungarian Defence Forces have been trained in a new role in Tata. The personnel of the Kabul International Airport Force Protection (KAIA FP) contingent recently conducted a three-day culmination exercise (CULEX) to demonstrate their operational readiness.

The backbone of the contingent is made up of the troops of the HDF 25th Klapka György Infantry Brigade. Their main task is to operate the KAIA and provide force protection (FP) there, but additionally the leaving personnel are going to fill a number of different staff positions and carry out operational stand-by, medical, military police and EOD duties.

At the CULEX the soldiers were tasked with reacting to “realistic incident models", and to “handle dangerous situations" as the main purpose of the exercise because these situations are the ones that the personnel serving in the area of operations may encounter. For the most part, the soldiers of Tata have developed their skills in checking the persons and vehicles entering the guarded area and also in manning the duty services.

The three-day continuous, complex task execution has been assessed as “satisfactory", so the personnel is now ready to deploy to execute the tasks in their new role in the area of operations.

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