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Promotion Under the Hungarian Flag

Szöveg: AMT-7 |  2012. augusztus 29. 9:46

In every soldier’s life, the day of reading out the order for his or her promotion is a significant one. This day is one of celebration, just like Christmas, Easter or name-days and birthdays…

Celebrations like these touch everybody more deeply in the area of operations, especially when the considerate colleagues do the celebrating in style by preparing some surprises for their comrade’s promotion. This was what happened in Kabul in recent days too.

The parading members of the personnel of the Air Mentor Team-7 (AMT-7) cast a short shadow in the hot sun of Afghanistan. The personnel officer (S1) read out Brig.-Gen. Imre Lamos’ order. It took only a couple of seconds for the surprised staff sergeant to realize that he was supposed to step forward and receive from the commander of the AMT-7 the sergeant first class epaulettes which sat inside a box decorated with red-white-green wrapping. Standing under the Hungarian flag flying in the hot wind, the team members took a group photo in memory of their comrade’s promotion.

The soldier just promoted to the rank of sergeant first class returned to the accommodation area together with his colleagues. He did not suspect that there were some surprises yet in store for him – his comrades celebrated him with true Hungarian paprika potatoes made from ingredients including sausage brought from Hungary and some potatoes from Kabul. While they were having dinner in a good atmosphere, the glasses and plates on the table suddenly shook.

They stopped laughing. The earth moved again beneath the group having dinner. The bench and the table were rocking for a couple of minutes, then the participants quietly concluded that it was another earthquake…However, they got into high spirits again when the commander of the AMT-7 addressed the celebrated soldier in these words: “We had wanted to celebrate your promotion with fireworks but were not given permission to arrange one, so we thought that an earthquake would do as well".

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