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The Future Holds Great Challenges

Szöveg: Péter Snoj |  2017. október 24. 10:00

We have reasons to still worry about the future, therefore it is important to sustain our defence, Dr. Gábor Földváry, MoD Legal and Administrative Deputy State Secretary said on Friday, 20 October at the Congress of the European Military Press Association (EMPA) in Budapest.


EMPA held its annual Congress in Budapest between 17-20 October. On the last day of the meeting, the military journalists from European countries had opportunity to take a closer look at their Hungarian colleagues’ work.

During the visit to the Communication Branch of the MoD Zrínyi Nonprofit Ltd, Dr. Gábor Földváry, Deputy State Secretary for Legal Affairs and Administration of the Ministry of Defence delivered a lecture for the participants of the congress, in which he talked about the illegal wave of migration that has been presenting challenges to Hungary and the Hungarian Defence Forces since 2015. He underlined that the temporary security barrier set up along the border protects not only Hungary but also the Schengen area.


In his lecture, he pointed out that the defence of Europe depends to a large extent on cooperation among the member countries and their taking joint action, in the absence of which serious dangers may loom. Dr. Gábor Földváry also noted that Hungary has received solidarity from the Visegrád Four (V4) countries from the beginning. He went on to emphasize that strengthening the border security of North African countries is another important issue for Hungary, since the control and assistance provided there serve the protection of Hungary as well.

During the day, Zoltán Benkóczy, the Managing Director of MoD Zrínyi Nonprofit Ltd informed the military journalists about the tasks of the company, and then the participants of the congress visited every department of the Hungarian military press, including the internet editorial office of the website, the Military Film Studio, the Zrínyi Publishing House, the editorial office of the magazine Magyar Honvéd as well as the Event Support and Decoration Department.


On the previous day, the military journalists had travelled to Táborfalva to witness a training event of the HDF 2nd vitéz Bertalan Árpád Special Operations Forces Brigade, and also to Kecskemét, where they visited the HDF 59th Dezső Szentgyörgyi Air Base.


Photo: Zoltán Tischler