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Péter Snoj


Strengthened support for UNFICYP

2021. július 21. 9:14

On 19 July, a technical agreement on logistic support for the service members of UNFICYP in Cyprus was signed at a Hungarian–British defence policy meeting held in the MoD Institute and Museum of Military History.


High-tech In The Air

2020. február 21. 13:04

It is with great satisfaction and pride that the soldiers of Szolnok, who are tasked with bringing this twenty-first century high-tech machine up in the air, speak of Airbus H145M helicopters. The brand-new rotorcraft of the Hungarian Defence Forces has met all expectations in all regards.


Ministerial Visit to the One-time Battleground

2019. június 4. 22:08

Tibor Benkő arrived to Voronezh, Russia on 4th June. In a several days’ program Minister of Defence of Hungary visits the Hungarian military graveyards, the resting place of the heroes killed in the Bridgehead battles at the River Don and in the Soviet breakthrough, starting 12th January 1943.


German-Hungarian Relations Continue to Grow Stronger

2019. március 22. 11:13

With the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Hungary committed itself with Germany on Thursday, 21st March. The agreement concluded in the Ministry of Defence means a closer co-operation than ever between the land forces of the two nations.


Nearly Four Hundred Passed the Exam

2018. december 27. 9:24

Nearly four hundred soldiers of the twentieth rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent (KFOR-20 HUNCON) demonstrated that the designated personnel are prepared for the peace-keeping mission. The Contingent mainly consisting of the Hódmezővásárhely soldiers will travel to Kosovo next spring.


State Secretary Visits Kosovo

2018. december 11. 21:49

Defence State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence István Szabó visited the HDF KFOR Contingent in Kosovo on Tuesday, 11th December due to the upcoming holidays. He wanted to say thanks for the service and sacrifice of the soldiers spending Christmas away from their families.


Conference on the Training System of the Alliance in Budapest

2018. november 15. 19:34

Thursday, 15th November was the final day of the NATO Training Group’s (NTG) working session in Budapest. On the last day of the forum on the uniform training and educational standards, professional instructions, Lieutenant General Dr. Gábor Böröndi, the Deputy Chief of Defence of the Hungarian Defence Forces praised the importance of the work done.


Conference on Future NATO Operations in Budapest

2018. november 6. 15:12

A three-day working meeting is held by NATO’s Allied Command Transformation – ACT in Budapest, in the Üllői Road Institution of the National University of Public Service (NUPS). The conference taking place from 6-8 November, deals with the strategic planning and the Future Alliance Operations – FAO.


There is No Longer a Difference between the Dead Soldiers According to Rank, Position or Origin

2018. október 30. 20:05

Traditionally, a candle-light tribute ceremony was held in the formal courtyard of the MoD Military History Institute and Museum (MHIM) Tuesday night, 30th October. Dr. Tibor Benkő, Minister of Defence of Hungary pointed out that at the time of candle-lighting there is no difference between the soldiers fighting for our homeland and the soldiers of the enemy.


46th CISM World Military Modern Pentathlon Championship Opened in Budapest

2018. szeptember 24. 19:40

46th CISM World Military Modern Pentathlon Championship was ceremoniously opened on Monday, 24th September in Budapest. At the arrangement held in the Sports Hall of the Zrínyi Miklós Barracks and University Campus, Brigadier General Mr. Attila Takács, the Commander of the HDF Military Augmentation, Preparation and Training Command welcomed the participants.