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Chief of Defence Receives Ohio National Guard Adjutant General

Szöveg: General Staff |  2017. június 13. 9:00

On Friday, 8 June Chief of Defence Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő received, on an office call, Maj.-Gen. Mark E. Bartman, Adjutant General, Ohio National Guard, who was paying a visit to Hungary.


During the courtesy call, the two military leaders discussed current issues in the partnership between the Ohio National Guard (ONG) and the Hungarian Defence Forces, and the joint tasks that are planned for the future.

After the meeting, headed by Maj.-Gen. Mark E. Bartman, the American delegation attended a plenary session where presentations were held on the role of the Hungarian Defence Forces in border security operations, and also on the Volunteer Reserve System. In addition, with expert contributors, the participants discussed some main issues in bilateral cooperation and co-deployment of troops in military operations.

Over the close to 25 years of the ongoing partnership between the Ohio National Guard and the Hungarian Defence Forces, Hungarian and US service members have been involved in many combined exercises, training events and foreign missions. They worked together as mentors in the Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (OMLT) of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, and since 2016, the Hungarian Defence Forces have been contributing staff officers to the KFOR mission in Kosovo in support of ONG troops.

As part of his program in Hungary, Maj.-Gen. Mark E. Bartman visited the US troops participating in Exercise Load Diffuser 2017 in Kecskemét, and attended the closing ceremony of the exercise as well.

The further program of the American delegation included a visit to the Headquarters of the NATO Force Integration Unit Hungary (NFIU HUN) in Székesfehérvár.


Photo: László Tóth