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European Chiefs of Defence Meet to Discuss Ways of Countering Terrorist Organizations

Szöveg: General Staff |  2017. április 28. 6:53

On Wednesday, 26 April, Chief of Defence Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő attended, in Wiesbaden Germany, the Conference of European Chiefs of Defence dedicated to Defeating Violent Extremist Organizations.


The term “violent extremist organization" encompasses terrorist organizations as well as other radical organizations that are willing to use violence to achieve their objectives. From among these organizations, today it is the Islamic State that poses by far the highest level of threat to Europe. That is why the conference was held with the participation of chiefs of defence from 30 countries, who discussed, among others, how to make the European environment suitable for providing the best protection against violent extremist organizations, and how to support the initiatives that are already under way around Europe.

At the conference, the chiefs of defence listened to presentations about the whole-of-government approach to violent extremist organizations, and about the NATO- and EU-led activities against these organizations. After the presentations, the chiefs of defence discussed what had been said, and exchanged views on how they see the threats posed by violent extremist organizations and the possibilities for combating them more effectively in the future.


During the rest of the conference, the topics of discussion included how the threat posed by violent extremist organizations flows into the Balkans – due to illegal migration, among others –, how it spreads its impact to other countries in the region, and how, as a result, it exerts harmful impacts on the region and the whole of Europe.

In their assessment, the chiefs of defence emphasized the importance of timely information sharing and taking action on the basis of common guidelines.


Photo: General Staff