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Exercise Neighbours 2018 – Initial Planning Conference

Szöveg: Lt. Csaba Búz |  2018. március 8. 8:53

The Hódmezővásárhely garrison of the HDF 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade recently hosted the Initial Planning Conference of Exercise Neighbours 2018.

The joint multinational "Neighbours" exercise series is based on Hungarian–Serbian cooperation and was launched in 2010. Under the initial bilateral agreement, Hungary and Serbia hold an annual military exchange training. In preparing for the tactical missions, the participants draw on the lessons learned by each other to work out operational procedures for the deployment of small unit-sized forces.

The objective of the annual joint exercise is to enable the soldiers to learn each other’s operational procedures and develop cooperation which is necessary for joint task execution, so the planning of upcoming tasks incorporates lessons learned in previous years. The exercise has proven to be successful, as shown by the fact that last year the Ohio National Guard also joined the training event.


The participants of the Initial Planning Conference agreed that they will send such officers and NCOs to the exercise who are masters of fighting in built-up areas (FIBUA). Thanks to the cooperation, the nations can exchange their latest lessons learned in FIBUA. The soldiers of the primary training audience will not only learn new skills, but also be able to use these techniques and tactics in cooperation with each other.

This year’s exercise, which is based on the "train the trainer" method, will be hosted by Hungary, and, according to preliminary plans, will take place in "Ruin City" near Újdörögd.

Photo: Kamilla Tordai