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Military Bands’ Charity Festival

Szöveg: Kamilla Tordai |  2019. február 11. 18:01

The HDF 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade Hódmezővásárhely Garrison Band’s Brass Quintet recently took part in the Military Bands’ Charity Festival in Ulm, Germany. Major General Sándor Fucsku Deputy Commander of the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm also welcomed the bandsmen.

The Hódmezővásárhely band made the festival’s repertoire even more colourful with Hungarian melodies. The participants could listen to the better known works of Kodály Zoltán and Farkas Ferenc, but they got a taste of the American Dixieland Jazz as well.

At the end of the music festival the Hungarian musicians could also join the combined Austrian and German band, and they played together Brahms’s Fifth Hungarian Dance and also German and Austrian traditional marches.

“We were enriched with several musical experiences. It was an honour for us to have represented the Hungarian Defence Forces in such an outstanding event of the world of military music. I do hope that we shall have another opportunity in the coming years to participate in the festival, as there is always something to learn from the military musicians of the different nations" – WO Attila Pakó, the trombone player of the Quintet pointed out.

Photos: Hódmezővásárhely Garrison Band of HDF 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade