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Health Always Comes First

Szöveg: HDF KAIA FP CON |  2012. november 18. 13:30

Only the healthy soldier can fully perform his or her duties. In the area of operations, maintaining the soldiers’ health is one of the most important tasks. Reporting from the spot.


Only eight personnel have tasks in the health system, but they are present on all levels of medical care. LT H., the commander of the company medical section has a staff of three under her. Working in a rotational system, the section can provide treatment, medical cover and – if necessary – first aid to the personnel of the company on duty. 1LT Dr. H., traumatologist practices in the ROLE-1 where the provision of outpatient care for the Hungarian and allied soldiers is a daily task.

In cases where specialist help were needed, the Hungarian patients would be admitted to the French-led military field hospital. This is a ROLE-3 facility, which provides the highest-level medical care to all patients. Currently three Hungarian soldiers are serving in the field hospital, including Lt.-Col. K. who is a neck and head surgeon and ear-nose-throat specialist. The field hospital assumes a significant role in the provision of health care to the local residents as well, so patients from the capital are regularly sent here for specialist examination. In many cases, following the operations performed in the hospital, they are convalescing here under specialist supervision until they are ready to be transferred to some local hospital. SFC R. and SFC B. are serving here in such nurse positions.


Fortunately, thanks to the thorough medical aptitude test and the various immune enhancer vaccinations, the contingent has not had any more serious cases of illness. After the arrival, seasonal illnesses naturally occurred – mainly those affecting the upper respiratory tract –, but they all were easy to treat.