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Health Always Comes First

2012. november 18. 13:30

Only the healthy soldier can fully perform his or her duties. In the area of operations, maintaining the soldiers’ health is one of the most important tasks. Reporting from the spot.


The Command of the Company is in Firm Hands

2012. november 14. 14:00

Like at home, organizing, commanding and directing the everyday activity of a company is one of the most important tasks in the area of operations as well. Reporting from the spot.


Commemoration and Inauguration of Memorial Site in Kabul

2012. november 11. 10:16

Life is worth living only if you can say any day that it has been worth living. This was stated during a commemoration and inauguration of a memorial site that took place on the occasion of All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day November 1, at the base of the HDF Kabul International Airport Force Protection Contingent (HDF KAIA FP CON).


Donation to the Hungarian Soldiers

2012. november 2. 6:06

The Hungarian Force Protection Company serving in Kabul recently received a total of 600 pairs of socks from the Americans. Reporting from the spot.


In the Interest of Security…

2012. október 28. 6:07

Between October 13 and 15 a conference was held in the area of KAIA North, which is protected by the HDF Kabul International Airport Force Protection Contingent. The Hungarian soldiers were tasked with securing the event.


„Quiet” Everyday Service

2012. október 21. 13:35

It has been two weeks since Hungarian soldiers assumed the Force Protection duties at Kabul International Airport. No extraordinary events have occurred so far in the duty service, except that everybody has got used to the sight of Hungarian uniforms on the gates instead of the Belgian ones. Our report from the spot.