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In the Interest of Security…

Szöveg: HDF KAIA FP CON |  2012. október 28. 6:07

Between October 13 and 15 a conference was held in the area of KAIA North, which is protected by the HDF Kabul International Airport Force Protection Contingent. The Hungarian soldiers were tasked with securing the event.


At the several-day conference – which was organized by the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command (ISAF IJC) – the leaders of the coalition forces deployed in Afghanistan discussed the main significant operational events for the next three months with the Afghan political leaders and the commanders of the Afghan National Army (ANA).

The Force Protection Group Commander was tasked with ensuring the smooth running of the conference. Augmented with a Portuguese company, the entire Hungarian Force Protection company did its best to prevent the occurrence of any incidents. They got the personnel of the International Military Police involved in the protection tasks too, so that the internal inspectors and patrols, the K9 teams with explosive detection dogs and Bulgarian patrols executed their tasks in cooperation with the patrols of the Afghan Border Police (ABP).

After the handover-takeover process, this has been the first security task of the contingent requiring significant cooperation, and it was characterized by exemplary cooperation indeed.