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„Quiet” Everyday Service

Szöveg: HDF KAIA FP CON |  2012. október 21. 13:35

It has been two weeks since Hungarian soldiers assumed the Force Protection duties at Kabul International Airport. No extraordinary events have occurred so far in the duty service, except that everybody has got used to the sight of Hungarian uniforms on the gates instead of the Belgian ones. Our report from the spot.


The airport – which manages a huge volume of passenger and cargo traffic – has a very high level of civil and military “movement", even in comparison with other cities in Afghanistan. As a result, a large numbers of local workers arrive by buses and cars early in the morning and undergo the strictest checking procedure at the entry control point.

Due to the ongoing development projects in the airport, various kinds of building and maintenance works are under way in the camp all the time, part of which are being directed by Hungarian soldiers too. The staff positions of logistics, operations control, security and health care as well as the position of the Force Protection Group Commander who is responsible for camp defence are all filled by Hungarian personnel – the latter by Col. László Benda, the commander of the contingent who is the senior national officer in Kabul, Afghanistan.


The civil events regularly held in the area of KAIA North and the exclusively military and military-civil discussions and conferences also show the special role of the base. The 24/7, high-priority control of the huge traffic requires great concentration and attention to details.

The exemplary service of our troops leaves no doubts that the Hungarian uniform must be associated with professionalism in every case.