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Hungarian Experts Help the Training

Szöveg: Capt. András Horváth |  2013. szeptember 20. 9:00

Hungarian counter-improvised explosive devices (C-IED) specialists – the members of the HDF C-IED training team – have long been serving with the International Security Assistance Force Regional Command – North (ISAF RC-N) in Afghanistan. This August, their fifth rotation deployed to the area of operations.


The Hungarian soldiers have the primary mission of training allied international forces in the area of operations. Additionally, they train the local Afghan forces and hold “Train the Trainer" courses for them.

Besides handing over the usual training aids, the newcomer mentors had to pay special attention to learning about the IEDs used by Afghan insurgents and the current trends in their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). Furthermore, they needed to do all this the fastest and most efficient way possible, since the training sessions must always go on uninterrupted.


The mentors’ first major task was pre-arranged for them, as already before their arrival, the personnel of the first rotation of the HDF Military Advisory Team (HDF MAT) had expressed the need for expert trainers. The task was to train the designated personnel of the 6th battalion of the Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP), and the C-IED trainers carried it out in close cooperation with the soldiers of the HDF MAT.

During the training, the Afghan policemen were taught all the basics that enable them to execute their C-IED tasks more effectively. This activity is a priority because with the drawdown of ISAF forces, all security responsibilities are to be transitioned to Afghan local forces.


Photos: WO Ferenc Csoma