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ISAF, Afghan Officials Sign Agreement on Telecom “Silk Road”

Szöveg: |  2012. december 24. 6:04

KABUL, Afghanistan (Dec. 19, 2012) – The International Security Assistance Force hosted a signing ceremony today for the Memorandum of Agreement for Radio Military Frequency Management, laying the foundation for what’s known as the Ministerial Spectrum Management Office.

The MSMO will be an Afghan inter-ministerial organization consisting of representatives from Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, and National Directorate of Security to deal with spectrum/ frequency issues in telecommunication. MSMO, as an Afghan National Security Force office, will constitute the counterpart to the Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.

Attendees from various coalition nations witnessed the signing by, Mr. Wakil Shergul, ATRA Chairman; Maj. Gen. Iqbal Ali, MoD J6; Maj. Gen. Massoud Andarabi, NDS J6; Brig. Gen. Haidar Samim, MoI J6 and Brig. Gen. William Scott ISAF CJ6.


During the signing, Brig. Gen. Scott referred to Spectrum as a precious national asset and said, “I hope your attendance here today reflects your understanding of the importance of cooperative radio spectrum management to the future security of Afghanistan."

Polish Army Major Robert Kozlowski, Chief Spectrum Management Bureau at ISAF, stated:

“This kind of inter-ministerial coordination will foster Afghan development and coordination that will allow them to develop into the ‘Silk Road’ of telecommunication in the future, long after ISAF forces leave," Kozlowski said. “This agreement can shine as an example of trust for other agencies to follow. The finite resource of frequencies is one that requires coordination by experienced and well trained personnel; this agreement brings GIRoA online with many advanced nations across the globe by forming a partnership that will endure for the next 50 years or longer."


Afterwards, Brig. Gen. Samim thanked ISAF and hoped additional training and equipment would continue to be provided, post 2014, for the fight against terrorism, drugs and organized crime and to respect international law and maintain peaceful and friendly relations with neighboring countries and the rest of the international community.

The benefits of the MSMO will not only benefit one sector as “frequency management will serve several purposes of the Afghanistan government and has both military and commercial applications," according to Ron Coleman of ISAF CJ6.

(Photos by Staff Sgt. Eric Abendroth, HQ ISAF Public Affairs)