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1st Lt. Róbert Tóth


Flight Engineering Day in the Baltics

2019. július 4. 7:04

The Hungarian Defence Forces Baltic Air Policing QRA Detachment (MH BAP FLKA) also held a commemoration on the Flight Engineering Day, on 2nd July. On this date János Adorján, the mechanical engineer, aircraft-constructor, the prominent figure of the Hungarian aviation history, is remembered on the anniversary of his death.


The Baltic Air Policing Mission of the Hungarian Defence Forces has reached half-time

2019. július 3. 9:31

Hungary as a lead nation ensures the air-space defence of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania augmented by of the Spanish and the British air forces from 1st May for four months. In the past two months the HDF Gripens were scrambled twenty times. The scrambles were ordered in all cases because the aircraft having entered the airspace did not have a flight plan, did not make radio contact with the Air Traffic Control Service or they did not use the transponder. Among the intercepted and identified aircraft there was a radio-electronic reconnaissance aircraft, a transport aircraft and also a fighter.


Parade Flight in Lithuania

2019. május 24. 13:34

The Hungarian and Spanish Contingents deployed in the Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission honoured the Lithuanian Armed Forces and Public Unity Day with a joint parade flight. The ”finger-four” formation of the Hungarian JAS-39 Gripen and the Spanish F-18 fighters were performing a fly-by over the scene of the event.