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Flight Engineering Day in the Baltics

Szöveg: 1st Lt. Róbert Tóth |  2019. július 4. 7:04

The Hungarian Defence Forces Baltic Air Policing QRA Detachment (MH BAP FLKA) also held a commemoration on the Flight Engineering Day, on 2nd July. On this date János Adorján, the mechanical engineer, aircraft-constructor, the prominent figure of the Hungarian aviation history, is remembered on the anniversary of his death.

János Adorján was the first, who designed and constructed aircraft in Hungary, thus he can be regarded as the first Hungarian flight engineer. He carried out the first, successful takeoff with his airplane, patterned after Blériot’s monoplane, named "Libelle" (dragonfly) on 10th January, 1910. The test flight at the same time marked the first occasion, on which a Hungarian pilot flew a Hungarian-designed and Hungarian constructed airplane.

Brigadier General Csaba Ugrik, the Commander of MH BAP FLKA saluted the flight engineering soldiers on the Šiauliai Air Base, thanked for their dedicated work, and then read out the greeting letter of the Hungarian Defence Minister and the HDF Commander.

"The technical developments and purchases being carried out in the framework of the Zrínyi 2026 National Defence and Armed Forces Development Program impose new tasks and new challenges on you, too. We request you to continue to perform your work responsibly, on the same level and with the same professional dedication as before" – Dr. Tibor Benkő and Ferenc Korom stated in their letter.

The work of the flight engineering personnel of the Hungarian Defence Forces is indispensable to enable the aircraft in service to rise into the air. The aircraft’s daily operability and combat applicability are due to your responsible work.


Photos of Lt.-Col. (Med.) Dr. István Toperczer István and the author