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Balázs Trautmann


Szállítunk és mentünk

2021. február 11. 18:09

A chilei haditengerészet számára tervezhet új, modern, kétlétű műveleteket támogató hajót a Vard Marine.


Tiszaújváros is számíthat a katonákra

2020. október 8. 15:58

Tiszaújváros a bajban is számíthat a Magyar Honvédségre - jelentette ki Németh Szilárd, a Honvédelmi Minisztérium parlamenti államtitkára, miniszterhelyettes október 8-án, csütörtökön, a városban található egyik munkásszállóban zajló mentesítési és fertőtlenítési munkálatok megtekintése után tartott sajtótájékoztatón.

20200812-miniszter-amerikai-nagykovet  (7)

Modern Air Defence Missiles for the Hungarian Defence Forces

2020. augusztus 13. 17:36

The air defence capabilities of the Hungarian Defence Forces will be enhanced by modern U.S. missile systems, it was announced in the Balaton Street building of the Ministry of Defence of Hungary on Wednesday, 12 August. Hungarian Defence Minister Tibor Benkő and David Cornstein, the ambassador of the United States of America accredited to Hungary signed a declaration of intent on the development, which is significant for the security of Hungary and the region.


Innovative National Defence

2019. február 12. 7:12

A round-table discussion titled ”Innovation in the Hungarian Defence Sector” took place in the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (KKI) in the recent days attracting strong interest. The topic was extremely relevant, as the research and development challenges facing the domestic defence industry were discussed.


Eagles in Kecskemét

2015. szeptember 10. 9:00

Two F-15C Eagle fighters of the Florida Air National Guard and another two of the Oregon Air National Guard have been hosted at the HDF 59th “Dezső Szentgyörgyi” Air Base since September 4. Forming part of NATO’s Atlantic Resolve capability enhancement package, the aircraft landed on the Kecskemét tarmac flying from the 71st Air Base of the Romanian Air Force in Câmpia Turzii, where they have been stationed for two months.


Expanding relations

2014. február 20. 16:02

At the invitation of Károly Bozsonyi, PhD, the managing director of MoD Zrínyi Non-Profit Ltd., Željko Stipanović, the editor-in-chief of the Croatian weekly military magazine Hrvatski Vojnik and his deputy, Vesna Pintarić paid a visit to Budapest on February 18–19.


EMPA Conference in Finland

2013. október 26. 10:02

The European Military Press Association, the EMPA held its annual conference in Helsinki, the capital of Finland recently, with the attendance of about 50 people representing the Member States.


Supreme Allied Commander Europe Visits Budapest

2013. szeptember 16. 10:12

Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) arrived in Budapest for an official visit on September 13. The general was received by Gen. Tibor Benkő, the Chief of the Defence Staff.


Successful Conference Closes in Budapest

2013. szeptember 15. 10:30

Gen. Knud Bartels, the Chairman of NATO’S Military Committee said that the conference of the committee and its plenary session held on September 14 in Budapest had been very successful in all respects.


The Most Beautiful Friday

2013. február 5. 9:03

The afternoon of February 1 was certainly the most beautiful Friday afternoon in the last few months for those family members, friends and colleagues who were present at the aerodrome of the HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base to receive the 22 soldiers returning home with the fourth rotation of the Mi-17 Air Advisory Team (AAT-4) and the eight one of the Mi-35 Air Mentor Team (AMT-8).