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Béla Szabó - 2. oldal


Halfway to the EU?

2011. január 23. 15:26

The role of Hungarian troops in peace support and peacekeeping operations in the Balkans has a long history. Hungarian peacekeepers went on missions in Kosovo between 1902 and 1907 and in Albania between 1902 and 1917.


A Turbulent Country

2011. január 18. 15:15

Unparalleled natural resources and immense underdevelopment; tribal structures and efforts towards democratization; drug production, decades of warfare, terrorism and reconstruction: this is Afghanistan. The Hungarian Defence Forces have been participating in peace enforcement and reconstruction tasks in the country for seven years with a 500-strong force – the largest HDF contingent deployed abroad.


Increasing Role

2011. január 18. 12:45

Stabilizing or deteriorating political circumstances and security depending on a given region, accelerating development and constant – or in some cases reduced – troop levels. The Hungarian Defence Forces’ presence in missions abroad in 2010 was determined by a great many external factors…


Hungarian Troops Bid Saint Ladislaus Camp Farewell For Good

2008. július 27. 10:13

Until my headquarters are guarded by Hungarian soldiers, I can fall into a sound sleep — Lieutenant General (Eng.) László Tömböl, Commander of the HDF Joint Forces Command cited the words of the first KFOR commander in Pristina on 16 July, referring to the internationally recognized performance of the soldiers.