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Capt. Gergő Tamás


Medal Parade in Pristina

2012. augusztus 12. 6:08

The mission of the sixth rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent (KFOR-6 HUNCON) is nearing completion. By tradition, the peacekeepers finishing their service abroad recently received the NATO medals in recognition of their six-month work at a joint medal parade, which was held for the soldiers of the two nations in the Portuguese–Hungarian Camp Slim Lines, Pristina.


Joint Training in Kosovo

2012. augusztus 7. 8:58

Like in earlier months, the sixth rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent (KFOR-6 HUNCON) continued the joint training program in July with the KFOR troop contributing nations. The peacekeepers had opportunity to get to know each other’s methods in Camp Slim Lines, Pristina. The training audience included the personnel of a Polish company, an Armenian platoon, the Swiss EOD Team and the Freedom of Movement Detachment (FOMD II), a Portugese company, a German Water Cannon Squad and a Hungarian platoon.


Peacekeeping Nations Introduce Themselves

2012. június 29. 15:12

To help the mothers raising their children alone due to the war – this was the aim of the event held at the KFOR HQ, Camp Film City in Pristina on June 23. The KFOR MID-Summer Festival 2012 provided a venue for the peacekeeping nations in Kosovo – including the Hungarians – to introduce themselves.


Presence Patrolling Goes On

2012. június 27. 16:06

Over the recent days the sixth rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent has continued to mount presence patrols in the northern region of Kosovo. The Serbian elections passed off without incidents in Kosovo, but due to the increasing tension between the Albans and the Serbs, the residents of Mitrovica and its environs were happy to receive the Hungarian and Portuguese peacekeepers again, as they have already gained positive experience about their activities.