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Capt. Judit Csekei Cseszreginé


Tactical Exercise Tobruq Legacy 2019 Launched

2019. június 14. 16:18

After arriving in Poland, following the cohesion-building and the testing of data links and radio communication systems the HDF 12th Arrabona Surface-to-Air Regiment saw the start of multinational, ground based air defence (GBAD) exercise on 10th June. It is based on a complex scenario and is conducted with the involvement of all the deployed forces.


Extraordinary Regimental Parade

2015. október 29. 9:00

At an extraordinary regimental parade, Col. Ferenc Kovács, the commander of the HDF 12th Arrabona Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) Regiment presented awards to the soldiers who were declared MISSION CAPABLE at the NATO Capability Evaluation (CAPEVAL).