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Tactical Exercise Tobruq Legacy 2019 Launched

Szöveg: Capt. Judit Csekei Cseszreginé |  2019. június 14. 16:18

After arriving in Poland, following the cohesion-building and the testing of data links and radio communication systems the HDF 12th Arrabona Surface-to-Air Regiment saw the start of multinational, ground based air defence (GBAD) exercise on 10th June. It is based on a complex scenario and is conducted with the involvement of all the deployed forces.

During the day the ground based air defence subunits engage real aerial targets while at night they do so with simulated targets and defend the air spaces designated for them. At the same time a number of other simulated events are also to be responded to which may characterise GBAD combat any time.

The most important objective of the current military exercise is – besides the improvement of the interoperability of various command and control systems and weapons systems – to enable the participating nations to prepare for carrying out their missions in the Alliance and in national defence. The staffs of various air defence commands will also practice not only the pre-planned air defence tasks but also the planning, organisation, preparation, and control of their execution.

The Győr SAM regiment will participate in the exercise lasting for nearly three weeks with KUB and Mistral combat subunits, logistic support elements, and a command post. The climax of the exercise will be the SAM live fire exercise, when the participating nations will destroy the aerial targets with the use of different types of surface-to-air missiles.

Photos by the author