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Ferenc Demeter


Hungarian Reservists at International Marksmanship Competition

2012. június 24. 9:07

Four reserve officers from the Veszprém organization represented the Association of Hungarian Reservists (Matasz) at the 8th International Military Competition (8. Internationaler Militärwettkampf) held in Austria.


The Gyõr corps’ exam in the line of fire

2010. július 23. 8:41

One of the Mistral units of the HDF 12th ‘Arrabona’ Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment performed a tactical live fire exercise in the beginning of July at the artillery range in Todendorf, Germany. At the live fire exercise Hungarian troops annihilated six targets out of six live missile launches. We interviewed Lt.Col. (eng.) Ferenc Kovács, the commander of the regiment at the training exercise.


They met again after sixty-six years

2010. július 22. 6:53

At the Night of Museums, guests paying a visit to the MoD Institute and Museum of Military History could see for the first time in a restored condition the famous Nimród armoured anti-aircraft autocannon that took part in the battles of World War II. Only a few visitors knew that one of the guests was a veteran who used to serve on this type of combat vehicle.


Military training hindered by baboons

2010. július 9. 8:31

Hungarian officers paid a visit to Djibouti to examine the training of Somalian security forces and the role of the French and the Djiboutian army in resolving the situation in East Africa. They also had an opportunity to learn about the tasks of other nations stationed in the country, such as the US and Germany.


On Continuous Standby With 30 Thousand Litres Of Water

2010. május 13. 6:58

In the Hungarian Defence Forces, there are several firefighters on 24-hour duty every day, enabling the safe operation of the services. interviewed First Lieutenant László Tóth, Military Fire Officer and Sergeant First Class Tamás Pacher, Squad Commander about the work of firefighters at the HDF Pápa Base Airport.


Battalion At Full Speed

2010. május 11. 7:17

The 17th Day of Engineering Troops was held at Damjanich barracks in Szentendre. It was the second time soldiers were celebrating together with the police. The fact that by order of the minister the HDF 37th ‘Ferenc Rákóczi II’ Engineering Battalion has been put into a new category and ‘promoted’ to regiment also lifted the spirits of the occasion. 


Chemical Protection Troops Performed At Their Best

2010. április 28. 7:05

Military diplomats accredited to Hungary paid a visit to the HDF Joint Forces Command in Székesfehérvár, where in the next part of the program they familiarised themselves with the life and activities of the HDF 93rd ‘Sándor Petõfi’ NBC Battalion.


Soldiers, Tanks And Helicopters Played The Lead

2010. április 28. 6:59

On the corps’ day, the Hungarian Defence Forces’ 25th ‘György Klapka’ Infantry Brigade invited local children, young and elderly people for an open day. Thousands accepted the invitation and came to learn more about the work of soldiers, firemen and policemen.


The Tragedy Of The First Hungarian Paratroopers

2010. április 19. 6:34

In Veszprém the local Association of Veteran Aviators and Parachutists held a commemorative service: the participants recalled the events of April 12, 1941, when the aircraft carrying the 1st Royal Hungarian Paratrooper Battalion crashed and twenty people lost their lives in the accident. 


New Historic Relic In The Pákozd Memorial Park

2010. március 25. 7:24

Dr. Ágnes Vadai, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, and Marina Pendes, the Deputy Minister of Defence of Bosnia-Herzegovina have inaugurated a memorial corner in Pákozd for the builders of the Mostar Bridge: a stone from the demolished historic monument is also on exhibition.