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First Lieutenant Béla Papp


New Year’s Challenge: Sports Competition in Camp Slim Lines

2014. január 13. 9:00

The sports competition named ‘New Year’s Challenge’ was organised in Camp Slim Lines, Pristina, besides continuous work during the holidays. The Hungarian and Portuguese soldiers serving in the joint KFOR Tactical Reserve Manoeuvre (KTM) Battalion compared their dexterity, skills and knowledge altogether in twelve events.


November in Pristina

2013. december 16. 9:00

By the end of November, the Ninth Rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent was over the half of its mission, but they spent the month with hard work. As it is known from the news, local elections were held in Kosovo in November. In the course of this the KFOR units – among them the Hungarian-Portuguese KFOR Tactical Manoeuvre Reserve Battalion (KTM) – discharged force protection duties.


On Inspection Visit

2013. november 21. 5:22

The mission of the ninth rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent (HUN KFOR Contingent-9) slowly arrives to its half time in Kosovo. In the past years, it has become a tradition that in the half time of the tour of duty abroad the soldiers in key positions of the next rotation pay an inspection visit to the contingent. That is what happened now.


KFOR – Exercise Silver Saber 2013

2013. november 3. 7:29

The Month of October has been eventful for the troops of the HUN KFOR 9 Contingent in Pristina, similarly to the previous months.


Stone on a Long Journey

2013. október 22. 9:00

There are symbolic objects, which have significance going far beyond themselves. The stone of the 39th Infantry Battalion of the HDF 5th ‘Bocskai István’ Infantry Brigade is such an object, which the soldiers of the ninth rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent have put in place in the Slim Lines Camp, Kosovo, these days.