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General Staff of the Armed Forces of Hungary


This Mission is not about War

2013. november 25. 9:03

The Island of Cyprus certainly cannot be left alone in the near future yet. The settlement of the island’s fate is a political mission, but the presence of the military force is necessary to its success – Military Observer and Liaison Officer (MOLO) Major László Garaczi summed up the significance of the UN mission in Cyprus. On the visit of the Chief of the MoD Defence Staff General Dr. Tibor Benkő, it became apparent that the Hungarian soldiers represent Hungary professionally, earning international recognition in the UNFICYP mission.


More Prominent Role, Increasing Challenges at the Hungarian Contingent in Egypt

2013. november 21. 11:08

The delegation, visiting to the Sinai Peninsula headed by the Chief of the MoD Defence Staff General Dr. Tibor Benkő became convinced about the adequate preparedness and internationally recognised work of the Hungarian Contingent, consisting of military and police personnel.


Changeover at the Representative’s Position in Brussels

2013. november 20. 10:12

Brigadier General Zoltán Mihócza, the outgoing Military Representative bid farewell to the NATO and the EU Military Committees, after serving 2 years and 4 months. Major General László Domján is the new Military Representative of the HDF Office of the Military Representative to NATO and the EU Military Committees (HDF Office of the Military Representative); the handover/takeover was announced at a staff meeting.