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Chief of Defence continues border inspection tour

Szöveg: HDF General Staff |  2016. november 25. 12:00

On Wednesday, 23 November Chief of Defence Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő continued his visit along the border which started on Monday. In the first days of the week, he stopped at seven sites set up by the Hungarian Defence Forces on the route Hódmezővásárhely–Röszke–Bácsalmás–Mélykút. On Wednesday, he met soldiers patrolling the areas of Madaras, Bácsbokod, Baja and Homorúd as well as the security border barrier among these settlements.


On Monday and Wednesday, the Chief of Defence spoke with more than 600 soldiers on duty and told them that largely thanks to the work they have done together with the policemen, the uncontrolled massive flow of illegal migrants entering the area of Hungary has been halted.


The current stable situation can be sustained because they continue performing their duties with honor, 24 hours a day along the southern borders of Hungary.


Gen. Benkő drew the commanders’ attention to the importance of taking good care of the personnel and being responsive to their needs. In this connection, he repeatedly emphasized that a commander at a given level must do his best to create the conditions for the personnel’s reliable, effective work and rest, and report all shortages that he cannot deal with in his own scope of authority.


Finally, the Chief of Defence stated that respect and thanks are due to all those who are doing their duty along the borders while undertaking this challenging service in the interest of Hungary’s security, thereby ensuring the security of the citizens of our country.


Photo: HDF General Staff