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Chief of Defence Visits Kosovo

Szöveg: HDF General Staff |  2016. december 1. 12:12

Hungarian Chief of Defence Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő is paying a several-day visit to Kosovo, Italy and Cyprus.

Chief of Defence Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő has started his end-of-the-year tour of inspection in the contingent of Hungarian troops serving in the Kosovo theatre. On Tuesday, 29 November, Senior National Representative (SNR) Lt.-Col. Tibor Korcsák received the general and his entourage at Slatina Air Base, Kosovo. In what followed, Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő met the Hungarian soldiers serving in individual positions at the KFOR HQ.


In the afternoon, the Chief of Defence first received reports from SNR Lt.-Col. Tibor Korcsák, Novo Selo Camp Commander Lt.-Col. Tibor Pálinkás and KFOR HUNCON Commander Lt.-Col. Zoltán Virág, and then met with Lt.-Col. António da Silva Cardoso, the commander of the joint Portuguese–Hungarian KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion (KTM). The central topic of their meeting was a comprehensive transfer of authority in the KTM, because the Hungarian Defence Forces have undertaken to contribute the command and control elements and the maneuver companies of this high-readiness, rapid deployment force under COMKFOR’s Tactical Control. This initiative enjoys full support from the NATO top military leadership and gives the Hungarian Defence Forces opportunity to deploy their in-theatre forces more effectively, and at the same time to intensify their military efforts and produce positive results in maintaining regional stability without increasing the troop levels.

The program of the day finished with a meeting between Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő and Lt.-Col. Scott M. Virgil, the commander of the KFOR Multinational Battle Group East Forward Command Post (MNBG-E FCP). Afterwards, the Hungarian general attended a working luncheon with COMKFOR Maj.-Gen. Giovanni Fungo, the commander of NATO forces in Kosovo.

During the visit, Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő held staff meetings for Hungarian soldiers stationed in Camp Slim Lines and Camp Nothing Hill. In his speeches, he thanked them for their outstanding service and the great job they have done so far. He pointed out that we can be grateful to them for the self-sacrificing service that they have been doing, first to protect the southern borders of Hungary and then to contribute to regional stability in the Balkans.


With regard to Hungary’s international roles, the stability of the Western Balkans is top priority our country, therefore the Hungarian Defence Forces are present in the region with an 500+-strong contingent, of which more than 300 soldiers are currently serving with KFOR.

The tour of inspection of the theatres is to continue in Udine, where Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő will first attend a discussion to be held by the chiefs of defence of the Italian–Slovenian–Hungarian Multinational Land Force (MLF), and then travel to Cyprus to visit the Hungarian soldiers serving with UNFICYP there.

Photo: HDF General Staff