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Farewell is a Painful Wound

Szöveg: Captain Balázs Erdei |  2013. december 7. 10:12

The Hungarian-American advisory team participated in their last official arrangement in Camp Marmal, Afghanistan, on November 21, where ISAF RC N Major General Jörg Vollmer bid farewell to the first rotation of the HDF Operational Advisory Team (OAT-1).


Major General Jörg Vollmer bid farewell to the first Rotation of the OAT

It has been a great privilege for the soldiers that the ISAF Regional Commander North said goodbye personally to the service members completing their mission, which only happens in case of a very few contingents.

Major General voiced his appreciation in respect of the handful of Hungarian and American soldiers. In his speech, he highly praised the excellent performance rendered by the team in the past half a year – beginning with the force protection duties to the high-standard execution of the advisory tasks. The General noted: he feels proud that he could serve together with the team, and it has been ages since he met such an organised, cooperative, highly prepared multinational contingent, which set a good example for the Afghans from unity and respect to other nations.

As the closure of the ceremony, General Vollmer presented gifts to five Hungarian and five American soldiers, then Contingent Commander Colonel Zsolt Molnár, and Deputy Commander Lieutenant Colonel David W. Ditz thanked for the continuous support, and as a keepsake, they gave the Regional Commander North a group picture taken of the Contingent and a Coin.

Photos by First Lieutenant Renáta Révész