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Gripen-alert in the Baltic Region

Szöveg: |  2019. május 13. 17:33

The fighters have been alerted today for the first time since 1st May, the beginning of their mission.

The Hungarian fighter aircraft were launched for their first alert mission on 13th May, in the afternoon hours because of an unidentified aircraft. The Alpha scramble (live alert) and the interception were ordered by NATO’ Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC), Germany. Following the Alpha-scramble, the Gripens – over the Baltic sea – in line with the international procedure, quickly identified and intercepted the Russian, AN-26 aircraft, which entered the Baltic airspace without permission.

The Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) is performing the air policing duties of the Baltic states, as a leading nation, from 1st May, 2019, for four months, with close to one hundred troops and four JAS-39 fighter aircraft, together with Spain and Great-Britain, under NATO command. The HDF Baltic QRA detachment, stationing at the Šiauliai Air Base, Lithuania, perform their duties as the 50th Baltic Air Policing (BAP) rotation. For the second time after 2015, Hungary is again engaged in the mission.

Photo of Lt.-Col. Dr. István Toperczer

The communication of the Ministry of Defence