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Medal Parade Before Returning Home

Szöveg: |  2012. október 7. 6:00

The personnel rotation at the Hungarian contingent of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in Sinai Peninsula took place recently. Before traveling home, the soldiers and policemen completing their tour of duty were invited to the traditional medal parade as well.

The members of the Hungarian contingent who arrived in the Sinai Peninsula in the first half of September almost immediately started the mandatory preparation for performing their tasks. First they attended the “in-mission" training then acquired the required permits for driving motor vehicles.

The farewell ceremony for the Hungarian soldiers and policemen serving in the Sinai Peninsula for six months or one year took place on September 16. Before traveling home, they attended the traditional medal parade too. All Hungarian peacekeepers received the MFO medal for their service abroad. In addition, Police Maj. Erna Farias-Pölöskei and 1LT Zoltán Lédeczi were presented with the MFO Force Commander’s medal, Police Lt.-Col. Anikó and Police Maj. Gábor Püspök with the MFO Chief of Staff’s medal, whereas SFC Attila Daróczi with the MFO Command Sergeant Major’s medal.

At the medal parade, Police Capt. Ervin Zahuczky, WO Sándor Nagy and SFC Károly Halász received certificates of merit from the commander of the contingent, Lt.-Col. (Eng.) Attila Selmeczi.