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Memorial Tour for the Heroes of the Don Bend  For the Eleventh Time

Szöveg: |  2011. február 1. 13:56

Bajna-Héreg-Tardos-Baj-Tata. This was the itinerary of the 11th Memorial Tour for the Heroes of the Don Bend held between 2729 January. In addition to Hungarian military heritage groups a number of Italian, Romanian and German reservists also participated in the walk, commemorating those troops who had lost their lives during the fight by the River Don, those who were wounded in action, taken POWs and those heroes who managed to return to their homeland. Veronika Dévényi, the photographer of Zrínyi Media accompanied the participating groups on the memorial tour  for more pictures, please click on our photo gallery.

At the formal event held on Mészeg Hill in Pákozd on January 12, the anniversary of the breakthrough by the River Don, MoD Administrative State Secretary Lajos Fodor gave the order of Defence Minister Dr. Csaba Hende to Balázs Jásdi, the first lieutenant of the military heritage organization, chairman of the Heritage Branch, Association of Hungarian Reservists (MATASZ), and chief organizer of the 11th Memorial Tour for the Heroes of the Don Bend.

On January 27, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian, and German reservists participating in the memorial tour were received late in the afternoon in Bajna (KomáromEsztergom County) by the leaders of the village. Following a ceremony held to commemorate the heroes who had fought in the battles by the Don, the participants set out the next morning. On January 29, the members of the heritage groups dressed in period uniforms and equipped with WWII weapons reached the finish line by the World War II memorial at the Tata castle.

Photo: Veronika Dévényi