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The Objective is to Develop Proficiency

Szöveg: |  2012. szeptember 15. 6:06

“The NATO membership connects our countries and armed forces, while the rivers and the task system of river crossing are a close tie between our military units and the soldiers’ everyday activities”, Lt.-Col. (Eng.) István Varga, the acting commander of the HDF 37th ‘Ferenc Rákóczi II’ Engineer Regiment said at the opening of the Czech–Hungarian joint bridging field training exercise “Danube-2012” in Szentes on Monday, September 10.


“The objective of the training exercise to be conducted this week is to develop the Czech
and Hungarian river bridging troops’ proficiency and effectiveness in the execution of ferry
site construction and river bridging operations through the training of the joint floating bridge
operator staff", the lieutenant-colonel said in his opening speech.

“This exercise is the continuation of the Czech–Hungarian engineer cooperation which started
with the Exercise “Elbe-2009", Col. Lustyk Jiři, the head of the Czech delegation said.

Thirty-five personnel from the Czech 15th Engineer Brigade and 80 personnel of the
Hungarian engineer regiment are participating in the exercise that is being conducted in the
water training area of the Szentes unit. During the training – which will end on September
14 – the Czech and Hungarian engineer troops rehearse their tasks with the use of the PMP
floating bridges in service with the Hungarian Defence Forces.

Photo: Tünde Rácz

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